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Administrative Professional Gift Ideas

Administrative Professionals Day is all about recognizing the hard work of those whose loyalties make business and government offices operate efficiently. Since these folks are responsible for keeping businesses going, it’s a good idea to reward their hard work. We’ve created an entire line of gifts for Administrative Professionals Day to help you convey your thanks and show that you appreciate all they’ve done.

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Gifts that Work

First started in 1952, it was originally called National Secretaries Week, but became Administrative Professionals Week in 2000 to encompass all the other odd jobs that people in such positions are required to do.

Live a Little

They work really hard, huh? Help them enjoy the time away from their desk more than ever with Administrative Professionals Day Gift Baskets from us. Think she can take herself to the spa after a hard day? (Do you know what kind of hours they keep?) Send the spa to her instead with our spa gifts for secretaries that are full of luxurious lotions and soothing salts. And don’t forget the other indulgences like fine wines, rich cheesecakes, and decadent chocolates that she craves after all day in that stuffy office.

A Better 9-5

Maybe they don’t hate their job, but it’s still a job. If they didn’t have to have one, they probably wouldn’t. Help them enjoy the time they spend in the office as much as they can by getting them the things they eat and drink most…only better. Our gift baskets for administrative assistants have the finest teas and gourmet coffees that come perfectly paired with the freshest fruits to make their obligatory 8 hour commitment completely worth it.

After Hours

Don’t be so surprised – everyone likes to let loose once in a while. Help them to it with our gift baskets for secretaries that have the best brews in the world along with tasty pub snacks like handcrafted popcorn. (At least this way, their dancing will be limited to their living room. Have you seen what happens when Thriller comes on? Spare them the embarrassment.)

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