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Unique Gifts

People are unique. That’s why no two people are exactly the same. (Even identical twins have their differences). We understand this, which is why we’ve created unique gift baskets to cater to all the people in your life.

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Reel Them In

We’ve cast a wide net with our unique food gifts. That’s to say, we’ve included a basket for the fishing enthusiast in your life. We've brought together all of the necessary snacks to get them through brisk mornings and long afternoons on the water.

Flavor of the Week

Since we try to have the perfect gift for everyone, we offer things in a variety of flavors – like our gourmet, handcrafted popcorn. Plus, we offer samplers of our cheesecakes, ensuring that there's something for everyone. unique gifts that allow them to create their own flavors like our ice cream and pizza gifts.

Fur Babies

Pets are people, too! Ok, maybe not but they deserve gifts just as much as we do. Show your appreciation for your furry one with our selection of dog and cat gift baskets. Even if you don't have pets of your own, any new pet parent you know would go gaga over a gift you send just for Fido or Fluffy.

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